Sentinel Data Mirror Site

All Sentinel-1A and Sentinel 1-B used in this applications are collected and ingested through the Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site(HNSDMS), a web-based system designed to provide EO data users with Search-Cataloguing-Sorting and Dissemination capabilities for the Sentinel products.

HNSDMS is operated by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), while the hosting infrastructure is the Greek Research and Technology Network, which is powered by GEANT e-infrastructure, for reliable and fast network links, and unconstrained access to computing, analysis and storage, applications.

The current version of HNSDMS comprises the 2nd generation of the Mirror Site built upon the legacy of the 1st operational prototype version developed under the current EU-ESA GMES / NOA agreement.
HNSDMS runs a customized version of the Data Hub Software (DHuS), which provides a simple web interface to allow interactive data discovery and download, and a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to access the data via computer programs and scripts thereby automating/integrating the download within their workflow.

The Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment Initiative
The SENTINEL collaborative ground segment initiative of the European Space Agency is intended to allow complementary access to SENTINEL data and/or to specific data products or distribution channels. It is composed of elements funded by third parties (i.e. from outside the ESA/EU Copernicus programme) and provides the framework for international cooperation.